Have you ever been wasted? I don’t mean “Bro let’s get some Jäger Bombs!” kind of wasted, I mean not used to your full capabilities wasted. 

I would venture to say everyone has at some point. We can blame our parents, employers, friends, spouses, partners, clients just about any other person on the planet. The way I see it is in every situation the same person is to blame, yourself. We make choices for reasons that justify our situations and no matter how valid those reasons the fact is you made them. I made them. I still make them. I am no different than anyone else in that area, do not mistake this public confession for a “holier than thou” self help rant. 

Recently I confessed on social media that I convince myself daily that any writing I do would not be worth anyone’s time to read or enjoy.  I have heard the feedback on the few things I’ve done, read the comments, even had a surprise in the form of being published in the local paper, yet convincing myself of the opposite is so ridiculously easy it occurred to me that I have easily spent 10,000 hours telling myself that. 10,000 hours, think about that. There is a widely held belief that it takes 10,000 hours to fully master something, to make someone the best at whatever that is. Following that theory I am a master at making sure I will waste any talent I may have.  I can’t handle that any more. 

A week ago I asked a friend of mine who is a comedian and blogger what platform she liked to use, she is on the verge of a life upheaval to follow her own dreams and it sparked some inspiration in me. A few days later my friend, editor and publisher became suddenly stern that I need to get writing, Immediately.  The tone of her message was out of character and dropped gasoline on that spark. So here I am, wasted, just no longer wasting.

I will be honest, I don’t know what you’ll find here in the future. I have no clear vision yet. What I do have is a quote from one of my favourite podcasers (and someone I have grown a new respect for) and an intention. The intention is to post one of these once a week, come hell or high water, find that vision and to chip away at 10,000 hours. 

“This is a damn good outlet to spew the bullshit off my brain” Stone Cold Steve Austin. 


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  1. I love this!! I used the exact words the other day referring to my career. I told my gf I felt like I was being wasted. ❤️ Awesome. Can’t wait for the next one!


  2. Way to go Matt and good luck and I think u have a very good future at writing.☺I only wish I could even write in a journal and every year I telly self I will do just that. Every year I go and buy myself I very nice journal and every year those journals lay empty. I spend countless hours like you feeling that what I would write is really a waste of my time and what would be the point of it anyways?


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