Spoiler Alert!

The world has grown smaller, information travels nearly instantaneously through the Internet and thanks to social media there is a portion of that information we don’t want but can’t avoid. I don’t mean things like that incident with the girls and that cup, what I am referring are spoilers.   

It seems to me that the only reason many people make time for “appointment viewing” these days is because of the social media spoilers.  Your friend posts a status, a fan page or group posts a behind the scenes story, your favourite team or league posts the scores or a major play, just like that the thrill of watching goes away. The spoilers are so rampant around my favourite show that I do lose a tremendous amount of the thrill involved, in fact just last week I nearly woke up all four kids when I was legitimately surprised to see an athlete return to the show (see what I did there?) Most sports leagues and teams, publish their own spoilers as news headlines all over social media, not recaps or ‘click to find out’, HEADLINES! Right in your news feed with pictures. If you want more of an emotional investment from the fan base stop killing the in the moment thrill of your own product, let us enjoy our first time.

I’m starting to feel like Dennis Miller on this topic lately “I don’t want to get of on a rant here but…” we all have those friends that can’t keep any thought off social media. They instantly post results or breakdowns the second they finish watching something and there it is, usually above the behind the scenes article, the statement that sucks all the fun out of watching something.  I’ve blocked friends, dropped friends, chastised friends, we all have and still the general populous doesn’t get it.  Before I sound too high and mighty I will admit that I have been guilty of spoiling things through various methods myself, so have you, my point is that there are some people that either can’t help themselves or just don’t understand that it takes very little to spoil something and they continue to post things on a regular basis. It’s one thing to slip up, it’s another to make it a way of life.  The flip side to that however is the segment of the populace that not only enjoys spoilers but needs them, the ones that hunt for their gifts in the backs of closets, the rest of us are collateral damage in that symbiotic relationship. 

Many of you are thinking about pages, sites and friends you try to avoid, shows you watch on time and that time you wish you hadn’t checked your social media. I hope a small number of you are thinking you should rethink what you post. I don’t know what has sparked this trend, perhaps it is not a trend and we just now see how many of us tend to spoil things either as a habit or accidental over share. Our posted thoughts reach dozens of people at the least, if those posts are spoilers they are probably frustrating and irritating people you know, you may be one of several similar posts or you may be that lone post that slips through a finely woven filter to take away a few joyous minutes from someone that values the moment of revelation being pure. 

Here is a final thought for you all; over the last few months I have heard many people say the same thing “I’m staying off the internet for a week at least.” because most anticipated film of the last decade is nearly here. Theatres are sold out for days or weeks already, cosplayers are adding final stiches, fan theories are flying like biblical locusts. I beg you, please, for the love of all the Bothans who died to bring us this information, think before you post. Better yet, post not, ruin many good times you will.


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