What Am I Doing?

So it’s been a few weeks now, I would like to thank you for your support. Truly, it means a lot.  I should just let you know that I have very little idea of what I am doing.  I have been told repeatedly over the last few years that I can string together coherent thoughts and sentences, and I managed to get this page working. That’s where my knowledge ends.

Let me explain what collided to put me here. The first was that I publicly admitted I mentally talk myself out of writing everyday. The stories and ideas pop up and I just resign myself to the dark thoughts or laziness and don’t do it. For many years I used to sit with a coffee before work and write in the mall at a cafe, old school pen to paper. Eventually I stopped, I put it away for over a decade for all intents and purposes, I may have even destroyed it. Frankly I thought it sucked, it probably did, it was a first draft from an inexperienced writer, the core idea is still there and perpetually rattles around my skull so it may not be lost just waiting for a resurrection.  

About two years ago discovered podcasts, as I  listened to certain ones a few sound bites began to resonate. Over at The Nerdist podcast host Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead, @Midnight) began a promotional segment called The Nerdist Community Corkboard, during the intro of the episodes a list of Nerdist fan events or endeavours are read for listeners to check out, with the intention that the rest of us support our Nerdist community brethren, it began with Mr. Hardwick proclaim to listeners “Make a thing!”  What a concept, just make anything you want. The second sound bite was “This is a damn good outlet for me to spew the bullshit off my brain.” You loyal readers will recognize that from the first piece as a quote from a podcaster I have grown more fond of in his current career than in his more famous one inside a WWE ring,  Stone Cold Steve Austin. In my head revolved those two quotes, much like “Dental plan.” and “Lisa needs braces.” from the Simpsons.  Like Homer it took a long time for me to connect the two.  I sat for many weeks, the kindling of ideas marinating the the gasoline of those two sound bites, like a monkey doing a math problem I wasn’t making the connection. 

I was confronted in the last few days of November via IM by my friend and extremely patient/persistent publisher, the Valley Mom m(http://www.valleymom.ca), over the last few years she has been both a phenomenal advocate and patient editor/mentor/publisher, to be honest I’m not sure how to define our relationship outside of plutonic and “boop!” On this Sunday evening she was firm and blunt when she basically told me to get my shit together and stop wasting my talent.  I just said “Yes ma’am” and three days later I had the first of these blogs up. That was the spark that landed on the gasoline soaked kindling. 

So here we are. I am making a thing and getting the bulkshit off my brain.  I just want to be clear though, I have almost no idea what I am doing. No one sees these before I publish them. No one is giving me topicsor editing my grammar, spelling and punctuation.   This is me raw, so thank you for reading, I hope you continue as I grow into this and find a voice, not every topic will be deep or have mass appeal, a few of these I have in draft form are for a very specific demographic or fan base, hopefully those outside of those subsets will still enjoy my outlook on them. The main goal I have is simply stay regular and get a new post up on Word Press and Tumblr every Tuesday and add the nuances as I figure them out. 


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