New Year! New Me! 2016 is going to be MY year! I got this, WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Is that what I’m supposed to say? Seriously, I am asking because that is all I have seen or heard in the last week and I’m wondering if I am legally required to do the same.  I’m not being a hater I just don’t want to do time for violating social media law.  

December 31/January 1 has become a Pavlovian trigger to society, an annual kick in the pants to get our collective shit together, nothing wrong with that at all, we all need a kick in the ass from time to time, what I’m getting at here is that the pack mentality is more counter productive than it is results orientated. The collective fail point is the same, the instant the resolution comes to mind, not after a few days or sobering up. The reason I say this is that we, yes I am just as guilty as anyone, aren’t truly ready to change, the need hasn’t resonated with us at a point deep enough in our psyche to motivate us for long term change. This week our refrigerator contents look different, we know the feel of a kettle bell in hand or treadmill underfoot, our wallets are heavier with unused cigarette and liquor money.  This. Week. 

To be absolutely crystal clear here, I AM NOT TRYING TO BE NEGATIVE. I wish you all the best in your endeavours, much love and support. What I am getting at is only a small percentage of us are ready to keep the commitment to ourselves, not want to, ready to. Our health, our personal growth, our bank accounts and the professionals that assist us with them are all subjected to the ultimate controlling power of our negative self.  Those of you that know me or have been following this little rantfest know that my negative self has controlled me like a Muppet for years, so I am not judging anyone for it, far from. Following the tradition of New Years Resolutions and not being ready to really chase them down is okay, it shows we can identify a troubling aspect of our lives and 80’s kids know that knowing is half the battle. 

Our resolutions may be the best thing for us but why limit it to starting this week?  The best time to make a positive change is always yesterday, next best is today and tomorrow always seems to stay tomorrow.  I am not making a New Years resolution because I made mine in November.   I identified my trouble spot and got my kick in the ass. If I had said “I’ll wait until Jan 1st to start” I probably would have stalled until after I slept in or the hang over passed or after the busy weekend, then back to work would have delayed me, then…you get the point. 

The date of deciding to make a change doesn’t matter.  Slipping up and having to try again doesn’t matter. Change isn’t about tradition, a specific date or your age it is about being ready in your core to stick to that change.  We should not stop making these resolutions we should make them through out the year. Keep reminding ourselves of them until we are ready. Yearly reminders are nice and but if you are like me maybe more than once a year check in on them and have another run at them.  Our next year doesn’t start on Jauary 1st, it starts when we are ready for it to start. 


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