Well we have arrived at the end of our trilogy. The final 25 films I want my growing children to experience as they get to adulthood. Again this is not a list to start showing  the young ones but once they are in the realm of grown up content they should check these out.

25) Apocalypse Now (1979), I do not think there has been any other film to capture the lunacy of war better. This is absolute insanity on all parts. I recommend the Redux version to get a complete picture but what do I know, I’m just an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks.

24) When Harry Met Sally (1989), The best romantic comedy ever made. Billy Crystal at the top of his game with deadpan philosophical humour and a few pure comedic bis. Oh and  Meg Ryan dropping a fake orgasm that defined my goals as a lover.

23) Batman Begins (2005), My biggest pet peeve is the constant rehashing of origin stories in comic movies. Batman is WAY over done but this is the absolute show stopping can’t do better version. No more, we and e get it, tell us different stories now.

22) 300 (2006), Frank Miller. One of my writing heroes. Sin City, Batman vs Superman, Daredevil S1 on Netflix and signifigant portions of S2. It’s a legend from history and in this telling it is a fireside tale to inspire an army that is out manned and out gunned. When this was released I was working as IMAX manager and watched it 4 times before the release date because I could and several more just because I wanted to and fuck my duties.

21) McClintock (1963), Not all Westerns are gritty shoot outs. This Western/Comedy highlights The Duke and his regular cast or supports and the immortally gorgeous Maureen O’Hara. I dare you toi get through the riot with out laughing.

20) The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976), My favourite Eastwood film period. He may have been on the losing side but Josey Wales will not let injustice stand. He could have been The Man With No Name but Josey Wales had an extra dimension missing from that character, a justified cause.

19) Princess Bride (1987), I showed this to my kids years ago but it is something I think adults should see regardless. Simple story and a pure example of fairy tale done right. To not like this movie is…INCONCEIVABLE!

18) Labyrinth (1986), See above. Some things are just timeless and to see this as an adult where the motivations of Sarah can shift. Plus Bowie steals this whole show.

17) Watchmen (2009), This was the most acclaimed graphic novel in comics history, bar none. I worried for the film but it did two things right, it changed the ending ever so slightly for the better and it uct out exactly the right stuff to make a compelling movie. You can find an animate version of the removed plot arc and there was a version that combinded the animation with the live action for us pureests, which is not for the mass audience, Watchmen though…wow.

16) The Toy (1982), this is where I first discovered Richard Pryor. A template for today’s manchild and a fun ride on every kids dream to get paid to just play with toys. Hell I don’t think anyone would turn down that opportunity.

15) A League of Their Own (1992), here is a flash of the greatness that Tom Hanks would bring forth a year later in Philadelphia. A well done historical accounting with a cast I think is still underrated which is saying something when you look it up. The final scene in Cooperstown still gets me.

14) Rudy (1993), Never quit, never stop grinding, give it your all every time, never listen to the haters or naysayers. If it all pays off for just a few moments it will be worth it and you may inspire countless others. If none of this makes sense take some time and watch this. Right now. Go.

13) Lethal Weapon (1987), buddy cop movies are not rare. A few days from retirement and in a gun fight, there’s a trope we all know. Strait laced and by the book partnered with a lunatic, still not that unique. Somehow when combined all these elements still worked for Riggs and Murtaugh. You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!

12) Die Hard (1988), Greatest Christmas movie EVER. Gruber > Snape

11) Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986), does high school irresponsibility and cunning get any better? Here’s a fan theory I love, watch the movie and pretend that Ferris does not exist, it’s Cameron’s split personality a’la Tyler Durden, if you don’t get it go watch…wait I can’t talk about it.

10) Bedazzled (2000), Brendan Fraser is a great actor, this proves it. EIGHT different characters and if you get the DVD with the deleted scene the be ninth and best character is there. A great example of “be careful what you wish for”. Oh and Elizabeth Hurley in a tight red one piece dress…excuse me I need some alone time.

9) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Fan theory; Indiana Jones is the dream Han Solo has when he is frozen in Carbonite. Digest that. Now then, this may be the most iconic adventure film in history, not quite action or comedy and more a throw back to the serials of the early 1900’s radio and movies (as intended). They guys in 4A are right though, Indy didn’t really change the outcome when you think about it

8) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), Again Indy really didn’t affect the outcome here. No matter what it would have ended the same. What a ride though and the chemistry between the Jones men is undeniably the treasure here.

7) Beaches (1988), I hope my kids find a friendship like this in their lives. I have seen this once, right after it was released on VHS (Google it youngster) the ending sent me into an emotions turmoil I hid just long enough to get into bed, then I broke down in tears. Real talk.

6) Goodfellas (1990), here’s another one I caught right after it’s video release. The catch there was that I saw Home Alone in the theatre. The goofy bandit was a serious badass all of a sudden. One hell of a mob story following the rise and fall of three friends, crime doesn’t pay folks there is no good way out.

5) Forrest Gump (1994), take all the history out, take all the southern fried wisdom out. THis is the story about the power of just doing things. Keep good intentions, don’t over think things or be insecure, just go and do to the best of your ability.

4) Star Wars (1977), you didn’t think I was going to leave this out did you? The story may not be complex but the revolutionary special effects literally changed the landscape of film. Beyond the technical impact this movie made it also catapulted Sci-fi to a viable top grossing genre AND created the most compelling space franchise ever. Sorry Trekies but you know it was the Wars that paved the way to the resurgence of the Federation

3) Empire Strikes Back (1980), this got dark quick. The rebels started taking an ass kicking and never really got a shot in. Escaping by the skin of their teeth for two hours and losing a friend and lover, Han and hand both go missing before the credits roll and the psychological and physical ass-kicking our heroes receive drive home that the Empire is not some paper regime easily toppled.

2) Return of the Jedi (1983), the bitter sweet ending to the trilogy, the good guys win but the salvation of Vader falls short. A fitting wrap up to the greatest trilogy of all time.

1) Deadpool (2016), R rated action is back and it brought a massive bag of  cash with it. A dead perfect adaptation of the character, not every character but Deadpool was just what was ordered This comic movie proved that both the X-Franchise and R rated action are a draw when done right by passionate people.



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